Wedding Decor and Styling

Wedding Decor

Wedding  decor and styling plays such a unique role in the overall look of your wedding. We offer chair bows, candelabra’s, vases, many extras and other finer touches.  When all is said and done, and you look back over the photographs of your special day, we want you to feel as if everything was perfect, and that there was nothing that you would have changed.

This is why we at the House of Laurels, feel it is so important to ensure that all of those special little details are exactly as you would like them to be. The wide range of different stylings that we have available for each wedding ensure that not only is each wedding beautifully unique, but each has the decor that perfectly suits the chosen look and feel of the occasion.


white bows for chair decorations decor and styling house of laurels maleny sunshine coastAs the bride and groom glance over the room, filled with loving family and friends, our hope is that it will appear as a sea of love and light – a fitting beginning to the wonderful future that they are embarking on together. Not only is the wedding celebration an opportunity for the couple to make a commitment of the love they share, but it is also an opportunity for the guests to be included in the special occasion. Decoration of the reception chairs with bows and sashes ensures that each guest experiences the feeling of sitting on their own individual throne, so that they too can feel like they are in a fairy-tale scene. Choose from a wide selection of different bows and sashes.  Bows and sashes


candlelabra decor and styling wedding ceremony house of laurels wedding venue maleny sunshine coastCandles are one of those small details that complete a gathering, and bring a warmth to any room. As with each unique package, tailored to your personal vision, we have a selection of different candelabras to provide that extra special something to each table setting. Whether you wish to have small dainty candles upon each table, or want something that stands out a bit more, we have many different styles available for our wedding receptions.  View candelabra options


extra decor and styling wedding ceremonies house of laurels wedding venue maleny sunshine coastWhatever you can dream or imagine for your special day, can be created or achieved, all you have to do is envision it, share your vision and it shall be done. A choice of different vases, flower arrangements, menu’s and décor for the garden area are just some of the special extras that you can include in your special day.  See our range of extras

Finer Touches

decor and styling wedding packages and ceremonies house of laurels maleny sunshine coastIt is those finer touches that can put the finishing touches on your whole wedding experience.   House of  Laurels offer a wide range of options such as gifts for the wedding party and guests.  Ask us about our finer touches