My wedding day went too fast…

How to make your wedding day last longer…now THAT is a million dollar question!  With all of the months of planning beforehand, it seems unfair that your special day is over in, what seems to be, the “blink of an eye”.

At House of Laurels we have the answer…we really do!

With our own accommodation for up to 40 people within walking distance of our beautiful venue, many couples make the wise decision to come to us the night before their BIG day.  It is common for bridal parties and family to enjoy a bar-b-cue at one of our larger cottages (usually Possums Nest – the party house) the night before the wedding.  There is nothing nicer than waking up on a wedding day and NOT having to travel!!!  With all bridal preparations able to be carried out on-site, all of the bridal party gets to relax and just enjoy the day.

At the end of the night we often see a trail of “stayers” heading back down to Possums Nest for an after party…nothing like having somewhere to go when you are in the mood to celebrate!  Our newlyweds are often in the lead, wanting to make the most of their special day.

The celebrations continue the next morning with the option to join with the new Mr & Mrs for a sumptuous breakfast back at our venue.  Without the formal clothes and, with the formalities taken care of, this is a very relaxed and happy meal (despite some sore heads perhaps) and a great opportunity for the bride and groom especially to catch up with any guests they may have missed the previous evening.

All in all, here at Laurels we have the means to turn your celebration into a festival!

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Possums Nest...better known as the party house!

Possums Nest…better known as the party house!

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