A question of flexibility…

No two weddings are, or at least should be, the same.  Often venues tie their couples to such stringent rules for what can and cannot happen and when it can and cannot happen, that one wedding can look pretty much the same as the next (well with a different set of leading characters of course!)

In order to create a day that is unique and truly special, a wedding venue should offer some flexibility.  It would be unrealistic to assume that this is a carte blanch for couples to request the impossible…if the local laws or legislations pose restrictions then these must be adhered to for example…or if an idea has been tried and hasn’t been successful in the venue previously then perhaps a rethink is in order.

It is vital that prospective brides and grooms ask questions that will enable them to gauge the venue’s flexibility or lack thereof especially if they want their special day to be a true reflection of themselves as a couple. At the end of a venue inspection one question to ask yourself is…”Do we believe this venue can tailor our wedding day to match our vision?”


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At  House of Laurels the answer is always YES!!!!!



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