The centre of attention

Ask yourself where you want the centre of attention to be on your wedding day?

If your answer is “on us” (the bride and groom) then it is important to choose a venue that not only provides a beautiful setting for this most sacred and special of ceremonies but that also allows the focus to be on you, the bride and groom, and the ceremony rather than being drawn elsewhere.  At our recent Showcase one newly engaged woman commented on her idea of her perfect ceremony setting…”  On my wedding day I want all eyes on me not guests being distracted by the view”.

A setting that creates intimacy without being distracting ensures that all eyes are where they should be at this time…firmly focussed on the bride and groom.  Spectacular location photographs of the bridal party and the newlyweds can then be taken at leisure… at a time and place where only the camera needs to take in the view!

Simple and stunning without being a distraction.

Simple and stunning without being a distraction.


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